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Plastic name tags offer a simple and durable option for your identification needs. Our Plastic name tags are laser engraved, which provides the most crisp and clear engraving possible. Choose from Smooth Plastic or Textured Plastic below. Click on the category to choose your desired color.

Blank Plastic Name Tags

Choose from Smooth Plastic or Textured Plastic name tags. These Plastic name tags come in a variety of colors to suit your identification needs. A P-touch labeling system can be used to print your own names and change them as needed.

Digitally Printed Plastic Name Tags

These white plastic name tags are digitally printed using our permanent printing process. Multi-colored logos and text can be used. The tags are slightly thicker than our engraved plastic name tags and are made of a stiff fiberglass-type material.

Standard Plastic Name Tags

Our standard plastic name tags come in either smooth plastic or textured plastic. These name tags are laser engraved with your logo and text. Standard plastic name tags also feature a wide variety of color combinations for you to choose from.

Plastic Military Name Tags

Designed in the style of military name tags, these plastic name tags feature a sharp and simple look.

Plastic Framed Name Tags

These Name Tags feature a plastic frame with many options for plastic color inserts.

Screen Printed Plastic Name Tags

Screen printing is a printing method where ink is applied to the surface of the plastic name tag through the use of a specially prepared screen. This is an older method of printing, but it is still used today to create durable and vibrant name tags. *A minimum order of 100 tags is required for screen printing.

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