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Glass and Crystal Desk Name Plates

Choose from a wide selection of glass and crystal desk plates

There's something about the look of engraved glass or crystal that really catches the eye. You may find yourself not wanted to ever remove any Glass Desk Name Plates or Crystal Desk Name Plates from a desk due to their beautiful appearance. Within this type of desk plate the name almost seems as if it is floating. This is due, of course, to the clarity of the material.

Optical Crystal

Our optical crystal desk plates provide a look that only crystal can give. This type of crystal is very dense which allows it to have extremely smooth edges and bevels. This is why it is such a good material for modern crystal name plates.

Jade Glass

The color of jade can be a perfect accent to your desk. Our glass name plates are made from jade glass which gives them a green tint. We have many types of glass name plates for a desk to choose from including our Jade Glass Desk Plate with a Walnut Base.

Glass Chroma Desk Plates

Providing a minimalist modern design, these Glass Chroma desk plates are simple and elegant. The clean look of glass features one of three bold colors which cast a stark, but presentable contrast.


Optical Slant Crystal Deskplate

The Optical desk name plate was designed with today's contemporary office space in mind. This desk plate is refined and sophisticated, a work of fine art for your desk.
$45.93 - $67.20

Optical Crystal Name Bar - (Replaces the Starfire Desk Plate)

One of our largest crystal desk plates, the Starfire features a spacious engravable face with the clarity of genuine crystal. This desk name plate brings a touch of elegance to any professional office setting.
$41.43 - $61.20

Jade Glass Deskplate with Glass Base

Made from only the finest jade glass, this desk name plate shines in any office. The emerald hues of the all-glass design provide a crisp, clean look and feel to this name plate. With our unique Reverse Etched Engraving process used on this desk plate, your name appears to be suspended and floating within the glass itself.
$33.25 - $66.50

Jade Glass Arch with Base Deskplate

Throughout history the arch has been considered a symbol of stability and endurance. This desk name plate announces the timeless strength of your company in subtle emerald tones and silver accents. Beveled edges complete the classic design of this desk plate and base.
$36.25 - $78.80

Jade Glass Deskplate with Brass Star

Display your status as a star performer with this unique desk name plate. The brass star complements the gentle green tint of the jade glass and is the centerpiece of any desk. This name plate comes with our special Reversed Etched Engraving.
$23.43 - $46.85

Jade Glass Deskplate with Walnut Base

We combined the elegance of our finest jade glass with the rich tones of a solid walnut base to create a truly handsome desk name plate. Rolled and bevelled edges enhance the distinguished bearing of this beautiful desk plate.
$32.05 - $64.10

Jade Glass Desk Plate with Brass Stand

The Clean look of Crystal Clear Jade Glass with a nice Brass Stand Accent. Special Reverse Etched Engraving gives your name or logo engraving that looks like it is floating inside the glass.
$22.68 - $45.35

Jade Glass Deskplate with Chrome Stand

Contemporary without being pretentious, this Jade Glass Deskplate makes a clear path for your name on your desk with its subtle beauty. A Chrome Stand Holds firmly to provide support without depleting the overall beauty. The desk plate is made of jade glass. The picture you see here is shown against a black background only to better display the etching of the name. Size: 3" x 10".
$22.68 - $45.35

Jade Glass Desk Plate with Chrome Star

Reward yourself or someone else with a Chrome Star Jade Glass Desk plate. With our High Quality Jade Tinted Glass, you will enjoy this desk plate for years to come.
$23.43 - $46.85

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