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Our metal name tags are Digitally Printed using a permanent printing process. Digital printing allows for unlimited color usage and is perfect for multi-colored logos. These tags are lightweight and durable with several different metal colors to choose from. Metal name tags are also available with our special Epoxy coating and color border options.

Standard Metal Name Tags

Our standard metal name tag. Economical, lightweight and durable. Several colors to choose from.

Metal Name Tags with Border

Our standard metal name tag with a color border applied. The color Border is a popular option for our metal name tags. In addition to providing strength and extra durability to the tag, it can also be used to accent the colors in your logo. Choose from a variety of colors.

Metal Name Tags with Epoxy and Border

Our Top-of-the-Line metal name tag! This name tag includes the Epoxy coating and our color metal Border.

Metal Name Tags with Epoxy

These metal name tags feature our special Epoxy Coating. The Epoxy coating is a clear, acrylic-like coating applied to the surface of the name tag. It provides a classy appearance to the tag, helps protect the surface from scratches and abrasions, and adds strength for extra durability.

Metal Name Tags with Plastic Borders

These name tags feature many different tag colors as well as plastic border colors. The plastic border adds an extra thick layer to provide protection for your name tag against bending or warping.

Metal Name Tags with Epoxy and Plastic Borders

With a plastic border and an epoxy coated metal tags, these name tags feature beauty as well as durability. Choose from a wide variety of color options to find the just the right name tag.

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