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Piano Finish Desk Name Plates

Choose from a wide selection of piano finish desk plates

With the classic look of a piano, our piano finish name plates give an air of elegance to any desk. Some of our desk plates with piano finish even provide a form of utility in the way of providing a place to hold business cards.

If you are looking for something even more refined, try our Rosewood Specialty Piano Finish Desk Name Plate where the name is upheld in prominence and sophistication. The high gloss luster of our Piano Finish Desk Plates means that they feature a mirror like finish which gives the reflective desk plates a beautiful appearance.

What type of wood are these made out of?

Typically, Rosewood is the wood of choice for our Piano Finish Desk Plates. Along with our rosewood desk plates, you will see our Black Piano Finish Desk Plates with the classic look of a black piano.

Special Edition Rosewood Piano Finish Desk Name Plate

If you truly desire the look of refinement on your desk, the piano finish curved name plates with brass are a great choice.

Our piano finish desk plates can also double as a types of piano finish desk signs labeling an area or desk where needed.

Rosewood Desk Plate with Cardholder

These Rosewood Piano Finish Desk plates are as beautiful as they are functional with a convenient business Card Slot. Piano Finish provides a perfect shine.
$16.73 - $34.75

Rosewood Deskplate Curved with Brass

Brass provides the perfect accent to this deskplate's beautiful Piano Finish Rosewood. Piano Finish Combined with curved accents. Overall size: 3 1/4" tall x 12 1/2" wide.
$26.97 - $45.75

Rosewood Piano Finish Deskplate

Choose a Nameplate combination that best suits you. Made of Solid Rosewood that is both Rare and Beautiful.
$14.73 - $33.75

Piano Black Desk Plates

Our piano finish deskplates have several layers of high gloss luster which provides a "mirror like" reflective finish.Bring all the class of a black piano to your office with this deskplate. The color and finish are not unlike a black piano.
$15.55 - $35.40

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