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What’s in a name…tag? It turns out, it’s likely more than you ever imagined! Approachability increases by a million percent the instant a name tag is placed upon one’s chest. Okay, so that’s not exactly a scientific figure, but you get where we are going with this. Name tags are an essential ingredient for engagement. Here’s a closer look at a few reasons how and why nametags increase approachability in a professional setting.

Invitation for Conversation

A name tag is an open invitation for others to get to know its wearer. Nametags personalize and humanize. “That guy in the blue shirt over there” or“the woman with the long brown hair” become Jim or Jane from (insert business name here). Name tags help remove initial social barriers and the pressure of having to keep up with new names. They also help connect brands with ambassadors throughout community and connect customers with employees who can give guidance and assistance.

Tension Tamer

Ever been the new person at a networking event where name tags were not provided? You likely initially gravitated toward the folks who wore their own,right? Believe it or not, name tags can help alleviate the anxiety often associated with beginning a dialogue. Often times, the more quickly you know someone's name, the more likely you are to feel at ease around them. Wearing a name tag helps break down initial barriers and instead, become a foundation for conversation.

Foundation of Friendliness

Name tags promote a sense of friendliness. When you’re wearing a nametag, who you are is out there for all to see. Though of course that’s not entirely true, as we all have so many layers beyond the external context of names and appearances, but the perception of being “known” is a strong and very influential component of being viewed as approachable. With approachability comes trust, an essential element for relationship building with new customers, new employees and throughout the community in general.Make an impression and invite others to engage with affordable and professional identification products you can take pride in. Open communication channels in the workplace and throughout the community while promoting your brand. At Name Tag Country, all of our products are manufactured locally in our Chattanooga TN plant, while following strict quality control guidelines. They’re inspected and shipped with care to provide a product that you will be proud to wear or display every day.There’s no minimum order required and we offer free proofing and setup. Order online or give our expert customer care team a call at 800-206-4099.