What’s in a name…tag? It turns out, it’s likely more than you ever imagined! Approachability increases by a million percent the instant a name tag is placed upon one’s chest. Okay, so that’s not exactly a scientific figure, but you get where we are going with this. Name tags are an essential ingredient for engagement. Here’s a closer look at a few reasons how and why nametags increase approachability in a professional setting.

Invitation for Conversation

A name tag is an open invitation for others to get to know its wearer. Nametags personalize and humanize. “That guy in the blue shirt over there” or“the woman with the long brown hair” become Jim or Jane from (insert business name here). Name tags help remove initial social barriers and the pressure of having to keep up with new names. They also help connect brands with ambassadors throughout community and connect customers with employees who can give guidance and assistance.

Tension Tamer

Ever been the new person at a networking event where name tags were not provided? You likely initially gravitated toward the folks who wore their own,right? Believe it or not, name tags can help alleviate the anxiety often associated with beginning a dialogue. Often times, the more quickly you know someone's name, the more likely you are to feel at ease around them. Wearing a name tag helps break down initial barriers and instead, become a foundation for conversation.

Foundation of Friendliness

Name tags promote a sense of friendliness. When you’re wearing a nametag, who you are is out there for all to see. Though of course that’s not entirely true, as we all have so many layers beyond the external context of names and appearances, but the perception of being “known” is a strong and very influential component of being viewed as approachable. With approachability comes trust, an essential element for relationship building with new customers, new employees and throughout the community in general.Make an impression and invite others to engage with affordable and professional identification products you can take pride in. Open communication channels in the workplace and throughout the community while promoting your brand. At Name Tag Country, all of our products are manufactured locally in our Chattanooga TN plant, while following strict quality control guidelines. They’re inspected and shipped with care to provide a product that you will be proud to wear or display every day.There’s no minimum order required and we offer free proofing and setup. Order online or give our expert customer care team a call at 800-206-4099.

June 20, 2018

Whether you're jet setting across the globe or country, boarding a train or cruise ship, don't forget to equip your bags with luggage tags! But don't just choose any old luggage tags. Quality luggage tags can make all the difference in many scenarios.

You Get What You Pay For

What's worse than arriving to your destination and having to scramble to replace key items while you wait for your luggage to be found? Well, matters can be made worse when depending exclusively on those flimsy "provided" paper tags. Baggage labels like ones provided by airlines and cruise lines can easily smudge, could contain mistakes or even be ripped off during rough handling. This can make things tricky when attempting to reunite you with your belongs.

Down With DIY

Are you guilty of using tape to make your homemade baggage tag laminate? DIY luggage tags might seem like a great way to save a few bucks, but let's get real... these can go through quite a bit of wear and tear. Plus, if you travel often enough, you'll likely find yourself in a hotel lobby requesting to borrow a stapler and tape to make repairs. Reusable luggage tags can be used over and over again, thus removing the need to worry about quick fixes or scrambling to craft a new one.

Travel Like a Pro

You likely care less about what people think of you while on vacation, but there's just something about looking like you have it all together that can put a pep in your step! This can be particularly helpful when attending conferences and other work related meetings. Professional, customised luggage tags can help solidify a positive first or last impression with new colleagues and business associates.

You Get a Tag... and You Get a Tag...

Wondering if you need a luggage tag for your carry on or a personal item? Well, how well do you think your bag would fare if it had to go through a strict weighing or measuring before boarding a flight? What happens if you forget a bag in the overhead bin or it is unintentionally taken by another traveler? Even the smallest bag might get checked and mixups can happen. Getting reunited with your stuff is much easier when your bag is clearly labeled. It's best to play it safe and get a tag for every bag!

Regardless of the size your bag, how far you're traveling, or even whether or not you are checking your bag, identification is critical - identification that is all your own! Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, reliable gear makes for smoother journeys. Remove the risk of sending your bags into the abyss by investing in quality, custom luggage tags like these.