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Reusable Windowed Plastic Nametags

Our plastic reusable name tags come in many different colors and can be engraved with your company's logo.

Some have stated that eyes are the window to one's soul.

Well, these Reusable Windowed Nametags have a different, but still personal purpose. The unique window within these nametags features a pouch which is used to store the employee's name. The uniquely engineered pouch is hidden from view, giving full display of the person's name.

Are they really reusable?

With the durability of engraved plastic, these name tags can be used again and again. There are so many situations in which an employer or employee finds themself in need of such a tag. Some companies have employees that change positions or may need one tag for one area and a different one for another. The main idea is that these name tags still look great, but have the versatility of being reusable.

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