This is a NON-returnable, NON-replacement item.

We will not replace marble products because of fissures or veining.

Please continue reading below and If you have any questions concerning this product, please contact us prior to ordering.

An ongoing issue with natural stone products is the difference between the customer’s expectation of the appearance of the marble and the surface texture irregularities that are inherent to natural stone surfaces. Customers often expect a polished, glassy smooth finish, with absolutely no signs of fissures (extremely small cracks which may contain mineral-bearing material), indentations or veining. This is not only unrealistic, it fails to consider the characteristics that make marble and other natural stone products so amazing, unique, and naturally beautiful. Fissures and veining are inherent of marble and considered acceptable. Fissures and veining are in no way a structural defect.

Close-up images of black marble and green marble.

Black marble desk plate example

Close-up view of a black marble desk plate showing a white fissure. Some marble desk plates may have more or less fissures than others.

Is marble right for you?

Marble is not right for everyone. Since it is a natural material, you can expect irregularities.

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desk plates

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Marble Desk Plates with Metal Name Plates

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